[Koha] How to make the Koha/Zebra search ignore hyphens?

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Thu Sep 19 08:46:15 NZST 2019


We have found that, at least in German, there are words or combinations 
of words that can be written in different ways, and both are correct and 
are meaning the same, e. g.

* Ultraschallmessgerät = Ultraschall-Messgerät
* Sintiswing = Sinti-Swing
* Teeei = Tee-Ei
* Haftpflichtversicherungsgesellschaft = 

This is a general concept in German, so it makes no sense to add a "used 
for/see from:" in the authority data. Anyway, such words can exist 
everywhere in the bibliographic record, not only in fields linked to 
authority fields.

Now the question: is there a way how to teach Koha (or Zebra) to look 
for the second term also when the first term is searched, and vice 
versa? Or shorter: Just to ignore the hyphens? Using the standard 
configuration Koha will not find the second term if the first one is 
searched, and vice bversa.

We would appreciate any hint or tip!

Best wishes: Michael
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