[Koha] Deny staff patrons permission to check in items issued to them.

muirunyeri muirunyeri at gmail.com
Sat Oct 26 18:21:20 NZDT 2019

I am most appreciative for your response on my query.
You helped me understand koha in a totally new dimension.
I'm really grateful.
Thank you 

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Hi James
Circulation in koha (more specifically checkout aka issue) is controlled via a combination of 3 parameters: the branch, the borrower category and the itemtype.
Library staff level operational granularity is not a function of Koha at the moment.
Hope this helps
Indranil Das GuptaL2C2 Technologies

On Fri 25 Oct, 2019, 9:48 AM muirunyeri, <muirunyeri at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello team,

Our library staff are allowed to borrow upto 5 items. Either junior books or adult books.

 We are looking for setting in koha that only allows the chief librarian  ability to checkin or checkout items to the staff patrons and deny any other staff from doing it. We also want to ensure that  staff donot checkin items issued to them.

We also are in the process of introducing a new item type- Laptops and tablets and would like them issued by a particular staff e.g. I.T. clerk. How can we set this in koha?.

We are using koha version 17.05

Someone please help.

Warm regards.



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