[Koha] German community library project needs help

Franz Dietrich dietrich at teilgedanken.de
Tue Oct 1 08:55:29 NZDT 2019

Hey there,

I'm in Germany (Stuttgart) I recently migrated our schools library to koha.

I think the biggest problem why koha might not be what you are lookin 
for is that it is relatively hard (in not librarian speak) to add 
entries. So while it is easy when familiar with Library systems it is 
rather hard to figure out what to put where, when you just want to add 
four books, the drilling machine and the badminton set.

Other than that the basic setup is easy. Just follow the instructions ;)

installing ubuntu linux on a machine:

or rent a VirtualServer with linux e.g. at contabo. (faster 
internetspeed, always on)

installation instructions for koha:

hope that helps
I can also try to help you but Stuttgart is a long way from you ;)

Franz Dietrich

Am 29.09.19 um 16:52 schrieb Wildnisschule Waldkauz:
> Hey there, i found out about koha several days ago and i am really 
> impressed and would love to use it. Unfortunately i am not IT expert 
> enough to do it by myself and i do not have a linux server yet. I would 
> love to have some support the system up for a special case.
> I live in a network of villages that has close ties and we share a lot 
> of things with one another. I wanted to create an online tool so private 
> people in these villages can put their books in a database and offer 
> them to be borought. It would be a decentralized library where you can 
> browse the whole catalogue consisting of the books people insert in the 
> database plus section for the place in which household this book can be 
> found. It would be awesome if books can be put in the database by isbn 
> number.
> I do have my own webpsace for several webpages and my question is if 
> there is anybody who would help me with that? I would appreciate it that 
> very much.
> Greetings from nothern germany
> Bastian Barucker

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