[Koha] [Koha-devel] Koha 19.05.00 Released

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Fri May 31 04:11:31 NZST 2019

Well done all. 

Just a typo with the release notes,

Is the correct url


On 31 May 2019 3:52:20 AM NZST, Nick Clemens <nick at bywatersolutions.com> wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>It is with great pleasure that the Koha community announces the release
>Koha 19.05, a major release of the Koha open source integrated library
>This release (as always) is the work of many librarians, developers,
>community members who donate their time and effort to the project.
>contributions help shape the release, and the project going forward.
>of this would be possible without them, and my sincere thanks goes out
>everyone who had a hand in the project
>Extra thanks to all who helped me with this release, and with getting
>to be the release manager for this version. I am so lucky to work with
>a great team on a wonderful project and look forward to helping make
>better on each release. Excelsior!
>Read the full release notes here:
>Debian packages will be available shortly, if you are following a suite
>automatically upgrade to the next branch with this release, more info
>Thank you all,
>Nick (kidclamp)
>Nick Clemens
>ByWater Solutions
>Phone: (888) 900-8944
>Pronouns: (he/him/his)
>Timezone: Eastern

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