[Koha] 880 field OPAC display

Archimandrite Gregory librarian at spots.school
Tue May 28 12:47:26 NZST 2019


I have a dilemma which I am hoping someone can help me solve. I want my  
patrons to be able to see both non-Latin script as well as the romanized  
transliteration of an item in the OPAC. I have tried linking several  
fields to the 880 field, but discovered that it will not display all the  
fields or subfields I choose. For example, the 245 field will link to the  
880 field, but will only display subfield a. Also, the 264 field when  
linked to the 880 field will not display at all. Do I need to do something  
to the 880 field? Should I be entering the information into the record  
differently to achieve my goal? Any advice would be appreciated.

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