[Koha] Koha: Fine not displayed at checkout page

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Thu May 16 18:04:15 NZST 2019


is there an overdue fine on the account, but you don't see it when you
check the item in? In this case, please check the setting of your
FineNotifyAtCheckin system preference to say "Notify".

If the fine is not calculated, there can be multiple reasons for that.
Usually Koha will calculate fines using the fines.pl cronjob that needs
to be set up to run regularly by your system administrator. You will
also want to check the finesMode system preference setting to say
"Calculate and charge". Koha also won't charge on holidays.

Hope this helps,




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On 14.05.19 19:11, Laxmi Lal Menaria wrote:
> Hello,
> I have configured fine rules at "Circulation and fines rules" but when I
> doing checkout of books which was overdue, it doesn't show any overdue
> amount popup.
> Please let me know what I have missed in configuration.

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