[Koha] koha for instrument

Owen Leonard oleonard at myacpl.org
Tue May 14 23:28:20 NZST 2019

> Hi, I need help on Koha. I want to use it to carry out an inventory of
> laboratory equipment such as oscilloscopes, tools, voltage sources.

There's nothing about Koha which limits you to cataloging anything in
particular. It's really more a question about the ways you can express
those objects in MARC. I would suggest looking for examples in other
library catalogs (and not just Koha ones) to see how they handle
things. Some examples from my library:

Kill-a-Watt electricity usage monitor:

Infrared thermometer

LED pico pocket projector

Bicycle, 19 inch frame

Mobile hotspot

 -- Owen

Web Developer
Athens County Public Libraries

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