[Koha] Patron categories automatically reverting (3.18.11)

TCC_Beth edivince at illinois.edu
Tue May 14 08:32:28 NZST 2019

We have an old installation (3.18.11), and have recently started seeing
patrons who used to be listed as one category (Staff) all reverting to a
different category (Student). We'll go in via admin and manually change them
back, and then the next time we check them, it's reverted back to Student
again. This is really messing up our stats and is also problematic because
different categories have different borrowing privileges.

Without a drastic update to the newest release of Koha (skipping many in
between which I worry would cause a lot of problems), does anyone know if
there were any bug fixes released for 3.18 that might fix this issue? Or is
there some setting that might be causing this that we could tweak? I'm new
to my position and to Koha, so I'm not sure how to remedy this issue. 


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