[Koha] Marc and Marcxml bilbioitems fields

Coehoorn, Joel jcoehoorn at york.edu
Thu May 9 04:44:30 NZST 2019

Using the schema.koha-community.org site, I can see back in 16.05 the
biblioitems table had fields for both *marc *and *marcxml *data. In 16.11
the *marc* field was removed, and only *marcxml *remained. In 17.05 and
later, both fields are gone.

Did these fields move somewhere else, or were they just deleted? We have
some data (OCLC number) we'd like to use in a report, and we believe this
data was only in the marc or marcxml field. There may be a place for the
OCLC number in the database, but if so we believe we have mapped it
improperly. We'd like to be able to get a report to export these numbers
for our holdings.

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