[Koha] new item for ebook in Acquisitions

Giuseppe Angilella Giuseppe.Angilella at ct.infn.it
Sat May 4 16:23:51 NZST 2019


I usually link "items" for an ebook record to my (only) Kindle reader, 
also present as a record, using the 773 MARC field for the host item entry 
in the record for the ebook, and a corresponding 774 MARC field in the 
constituent unit entry in the record for the kindle.

This automatically generates an "item" in the ebook record, which actually 
points so the (only available) Kindle reader.

But now, if I want to enter a new ebook in the Acquisition module, this 
is actually displayed as a "new" and separate item in the ebook record 
(not pointing to the Kindle reader's record).

How can I solve this inconsistency?

(I wouldn't mind acting directing on the database via mysql commands, as 
this issue happens quite rarely.)

Many thanks and best regards,


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