[Koha] Restricted Page -- need advice/help

Andy Boze boze.1 at nd.edu
Sat May 4 11:12:16 NZST 2019

According to the 18.11 manual page at < 
 >, a page can be configured so that it is accessible only to users 
accessing it from specific IP addresses/ranges. The information isn't 
entirely clear, but I take it to mean that the user need not be 
authenticated to view the page as long as their machine is at a 
designated IP address. It's also unclear whether authenticated users 
should be able to access the restricted page unless they are at a 
designated IP address. I'm taking it to mean that the restricted page 
should be accessible to any authenticated user or to unauthenticated 
users at a designated IP address

In testing this feature, I can access the restricted page when I am 
authenticated. But I cannot access the restricted page if I am at a 
designated IP address -- I am prompted to log in, and only then can I 
access the page.

I'm wondering whether I'm not entering the IP address correctly. The 
manual page isn't entirely clear on that from the examples it gives. I'm 
assuming that I can enter a complete IP address (four octets) or several 
IP addresses separated by commas. If I want to enter a range, it looks 
like I just need to enter the beginning two or three octets, and maybe 
end with a dot (.) followed by a caret (^) (or is the caret a typo and 
meant to be a quotation mark?). Anyway, I've tried entering a complete 
IP address and a range, but so far nothing has worked.

Have I missed something, or have I run into a bug?

The original feature request for this is at < 
https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13485 > in 
case that's useful.

Thanks for any assistance.

Andy Boze, Associate Librarian
University of Notre Dame
271H Hesburgh Library
(574) 631-8708

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