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the 2 messages are no error messages.

'Local use recorded' is displayed because you have set the
|RecordLocalUseOnReturn system preference to record local use on return.
This is a feature used to help track items, that are only used in the
library, without being checked out.|

|The second message just indicates that it was not checked out to
someone when you returned it.|

|Hope this helps,|


On 02.05.19 17:45, Igbudu Tersoo wrote:
>   Hi,
> I am using koha 18.11.02 running on ubuntu 16.04 with mariadb ver 10.0.38
> having checkin error  when i try to check in a book.
> Check in message
> 032733: Library and Information
> <http://opac.bsum.edu.ng:8001/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/detail.pl?type=intra&biblionumber=1602>
> Local use recorded
> Not checked out.
>   I have implemented DBMS auto increment fix and have also login to my
> database to delete the list of deleteditems displayed on systems
> information but the same error below pops up while trying to check in.
> please help.
> Thank you.
> Murphy T. Igbudu
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