[Koha] Collection Search is not working under advance search

sarootty webmaster at bhavans.info
Mon Jun 3 20:38:35 NZST 2019

To all Koha users,
In our online library, we have enabled COLLECTION and it is available under
advance search also.
We have a lot of language books also.
Problem 1:
When collection is working then language search does not work.
Problem 2:
If "charmap word-phrase-utf.chr" is disabled and "icuchain words-icu.xml" is
enabled in /etc/koha/zebradb/etc/default.idx, then language search will work
but not collection.

Additional information:
At the same time we noticed some thing else also. 
One of the collections we have is "Science" and the code is "SCI".
When we select this and search in Advance search it says:  
Results of search  with limit(s): 'mc-ccode:'SCI''
No results found!
At the same time if we search mc-ccode:SCI in the opac search box (without
the apostrophe), it shows:
Results of search for 'mc-ccode:SCI'
and all result will appear.
You can visit library (on google cloud) is available at:
Can anyone suggest a solution for this?
Vidyasagar P V

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