[Koha] Update jquery

Paul A paul.a at navalmarinearchive.com
Mon Jul 29 05:32:20 NZST 2019

On 2019-07-27 9:04 p.m., Owen Leonard wrote:
>> install jquery v1.7. How can I upgrade to the latest stable version of
>> jquery?
> I would like to hear more details about why you want to upgrade
> jQuery. I'm not aware of a reason to do so just for the sake of having
> the latest version.

[probably off-topic for many readers]

Jumping in from a philosophically technical (or technically 
philosophical) perspective: maybe there are other organizations that run 
more than one website | database | application?  We do -- in house, not 
"in a cloud", and a couple of years ago we invested in additional 
servers for this type of problem.

Note that I do not remember jquery as being necessarily problematic, but 
various flavours of o/s, kernel, perl, apache (and its setup and 
dependencies), html, mysql, python, letsencrypt, maybe more... made it 
more straightforward and saved my sanity from an IT perspective

We invested in a front-end server running nginx to distribute to two 
"main" servers (Koha, all the rest) and two backups (Koha, all the 
rest.)  It works totally reliably, but we went from two servers ("all" 
plus "backup") to five. Plus the sandboxes.

Every springtime we "sandbox" the latest version of Koha, and while we 
always get it to function, we have never (yet!) found an easy solution 
to exactly this type of production capability | service and dependency 
version compatibility.

Quite frankly, I haven't touched our production Koha in years -- it's 
fast and rock-solid; we love it. But at 3.8.24 probably way out of date 
for a "lending" library (which we are not) but brilliant for cataloguing.

Bottom line: it's a bit of an IT challenge to maintain and/or upgrade a 
server environment plus Koha plus other usages, from a soft- and 
hardware perspective. I run a charity and from a budgetary p.o.v. found 
it easier to dedicate additional hardware, at a static software level, 
to the production Koha that we rely upon.

Please note: this is *not* a recommendation, only one organization's 

Best -- Paul

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