[Koha] Issue enabling Google OpenID authentication

Guillermo Castellano gcastellano at nosturi.es
Wed Jul 24 19:22:32 NZST 2019

Hi there,

We are trying unsuccessfully to connect an instance of Koha 
to Google OpenID following the instructions provided here: 

This is the error that we get:

400. That’s an error.

Error: invalid_request

Invalid parameter value for redirect_uri: Missing scheme: 

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Request Details

     scope=openid email profile

That’s all we know.

We have checked that we have a client ID and a client secret; and that 
the authorized JavaScript origins, as well as the authorized redirect 
URLs, match the URL of the OPACBaseURL and 

We have also checked that the values of GoogleOAuth2ClientID and 
GoogleOAuth2ClientSecret in Koha match the values of the Google client 
ID and the client secret.

Could anyone please provide us some guidance on this?

Many thanks in advance,

Guillermo Castellano

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