[Koha] Problems searching callnumbers with Koha and ICU

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Sun Jul 14 02:27:21 NZST 2019

Hi Mason,

we are using ICU in quite a few installations and I am not aware of any
issues. Can you share what you tried exactly? Where did you search and
did to you get no results, the wrong results, too many?

Some things I am aware of:

- If your callnumbers contain spaces, you almost always want to do a
phrase search. Use IntranetNumbersPreferPhrase and
OPACNumbersPreferPhrase to make it the default in searches.

- If your callnumber contain some characters like ([]) etc. especially
if they are not a pair, try wrapping your searches in "".

- Turn on the UseICU option if it applies.

- Exact search with ,ext doesn't work with ICU to my knowledge. Might be
fixed in some Zebra versions, haven't investigated deeply.

Hope this helps,


On 10.07.19 07:54, Mason James wrote:
> Hi Folks
> Has anyone hit a problem searching callnumbers with Koha and ICU - specifically callnumbers with SPACE ' ' characters?
> An example problematic callnumber is 'PZ 7 .W663 1984'
> Or, has anyone had *success* searching callnumbers with ICU? :)
> Either way, I'd be curious to hear from you
> I tested on Koha 18.05.12 and Debian 9.8
> Cheers, Mason
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