[Koha] Patron anonymization problem

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Sun Jul 14 02:01:27 NZST 2019

Hi Andy,

does your old_issues table in both installations have the same data?


On 12.07.19 21:22, Andy Boze wrote:
> I'm getting ready to upgrade our Koha server to version
> The server is set up and right now we're running it with a copy of our
> production database (which is currently on v 17.11).
> When testing the batch patron anonymization, the response I get is
> that "0 patron's checkout histories will be anonymized". I used
> today's date as the cutoff. I ran a report on the old_issues table,
> and there are 230 distinct users (not including, of course, the
> anonymous user).
> I would assume that the batch anonymization tool would also report
> that there would be 230 checkout histories to be anonymized. It does
> report that number on our 17.11 production server.
> I'm wondering whether someone might have an idea what could be wrong.
> I've checked Koha Bugzilla, but I don't see anything relevant there.
> Are others experiencing this issue?

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