[Koha] [EXTERNAL] Re: [Koha-devel] Extracting Frequency of a Serial From metadata

Hernandez, Heather heather_hernandez at nps.gov
Thu Jul 4 03:17:37 NZST 2019


> Even this query gives certain ambiguous values like 'SM', 'BM', 'Q', etc.
> What do these values mean?

My guess is that the one & two letter values are abbreviations, e.g.:
SM = Semimonthly
BM = Bimonthly
Q = Quarterly
0 = Irregular...

Current cataloging under RDA (Resource Description and Access) avoids
abbreviations because they can be very ambiguous and confusing, so those
abbreviations might be able to be upgraded to the full words, if that is
what those abbreviations stand for.

There is also a place for codes for frequencies in a MARC21 record, field
008 position 18 in Continuing Resources records:
Perhaps those values in your records might help?

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