[Koha] Ordering MARC subfields

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Mon Jan 28 00:14:25 NZDT 2019

Hi Radek,

it's not possible to set a default sequence of subfields in the
frameworks right now.  There is already a rather old bug report for that:

*Bug 8976*
<https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8976> -
Default sequence of subfields in cataloguing editor

Hope that helps,


On 22.01.19 21:45, Radek Šiman wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> we are facing problem with ordering of subfields in some specific MARC fields. For example we need to have 787 with subfields having exactly this order: i, t, g. And there are several other fields suffering from the same issue like 336 2, a, b. Is there a way how to instruct a cataloguing framework to follow the given order of subfields? Or, should we file a request for improvement in bugzilla?
> Thanks
> Radek Šiman
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