[Koha] Tools for collection management

Chad Roseburg croseburg at ncrl.org
Sat Jan 12 11:17:00 NZDT 2019

Wondering if some of you out in Koha-land wouldn't mind sharing some of
your favorite collection management/development tools, reports,
spreadsheets, scripts, APIs, algorithms and recipes. Looking for relatively
inexpensive tools ...I'm aware of the deluxe models and their price tags.
I'm fine with a station wagon. :)

For questions like these ( and others ):

   - How do I know when to purchase more in particular collection?
   - How do I judge demand ...for a particular collection?
   - How do I decide which items will perform in this branch
   - etc.

We use a hodgepodge of scripts and Koha reports currently, but I'm hoping
to shift everything into an easier to use dashboard via Jupyter or Tableau.
I thought I'd survey the collective consciousness of the Koha community for
diamonds of wisdom.

Thank you, and enjoy your weekend!


Chad Roseburg
Assoc. Director / IT
Automation Dept.
North Central Regional Library

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