[Koha] KohaCon19 Update

Charles Quain csq at interleaf.ie
Sun Feb 10 05:14:51 NZDT 2019

Dear Koha Community

On behalf of the organising group, I thought it would be useful to send an
update on the preparations for KohaCon19.

The website for the conference is here: https://www.interleaf.ie/kohacon19/

We are getting registrations every day and proposals for talks and
Every talk and workshop proposal is being published as they are received.
You can review the list at this link:
Information will also be tweeted as proposals are received using the
hashtag #kohacon19
There are plenty of slots available so do make a proposal.

We would like to clarify the "workshops" times in the schedule.
In the past people have felt that the term "Hackfest" can put off less
technical delegates who feel they might not have anything to contribute so
we changed it to "Workshops"

The schedule has space for 12 workshops. 2 running in parallel over six
time-slots, but more parallel sessions can be added if the demand is there.

We want these to be a combination of very technical sessions and
training-based sessions.

We are thinking of 4 themes for these sessions:

One for unstructured development (the traditional "Hackfest"), and one for
each of the following.

*User training*
** Hands on with X
** How a feature goes from idea to reality in community

*Developer training*
** External trainer for Elastic Search
** External trainer for Mojolicious
** External trainer for DBIx::Class
** External trainer for Modern Perl Best Practice
** Elasticsearch focus group
** How to write good tests
** How to write selenium tests
** How to get to PQA (Passed Quality Assurance)
** Encouraging 'Code Golf'

*Contributor training*
** How to test and signoff
** How to translate
** How to contribute to the manual
** How to join the QA team (what experience you'll need to build up before
we'll invite you)
** Funding and Roadmaps?

As a few of these sessions will require bringing in external trainers at a
cost, we will be reaching out to the community in the next few weeks to
raise sponsorship.

Any questions - email kohacon19 at interleaf.ie


Charles Quain


*Charles S. Quain* Managing Director

 csq at interleaf.ie    +353-1-286-5855    +353-87-978-5911

 A98 YD30    www.interleaf.ie




We are hosting   <https://www.interleaf.ie/kohacon19/>  in Dublin in May
(Click on the logo for more details)  #kohacon19

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