[Koha] Add batch export in Dublin Core format.

Stephen Graham s.graham4 at herts.ac.uk
Tue Dec 17 21:15:17 NZDT 2019

Hi Ray - could Marcedit do what you want whilst waiting for the Koha functionality to be developed?  You could download the records using the Z client in Marcedit, and then using the XML transformation tool to convert into DC. Not sure how easy/complicated it is. There's a blog about it here:


Might work?


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I don't have the technical / programming skills to understand if Bug 17385<https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17385> (Add custom export formats for bibliographic records) would ultimately solve a problem I have been presented with. We are investigating methods of exporting data from the 999 MARC21 data fields into the 15 Dublin Core elements used by a digital archiving service we are implementing (Preservica). A small number of records in Koha have digital assets associated with them and we want those assets to be put into Preservica for preservation reasons.

While Koha does currently allow for record by record export in DC, the current one-at-a-time export functionality does not see the DC fields in Preservica being fully populated. For example the Koha biblionumber is included in the filename of the export file, rather than populating the Dublin Core <<identifier>> element.

We have approached our support company PTFS Europe about this development proposal. We are thinking along the lines of having the Tools >> Export feature offering a new export format being the Preservica DC format (or ideally an easily configured DC export for more general use).

I'd appreciate any comments the user community might have on this idea.

Ray Delahunty
University of the Arts London

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