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King, Fred Fred.King at Medstar.net
Sat Dec 7 06:25:59 NZDT 2019

Esteemed colleagues:

PLEASE NOTE: this entirely frivolous; please hit the delete key if you wish. Any opinions expressed here are mine and mine only, not necessarily shared by my employer, the Koha community, koha-US, or any poultry that might be associated with me.

A while back I was trying to figure out a way to export records that I had just uploaded to Koha so I could get information in the 999 field. (So I could build a new RSS file with links to the bib in the MedStar Authors' Catalog, but that doesn't really matter at the moment.) "Export Data" wasn't working-the export files had zero bytes.

While I was pondering a possible solution, the muse grabbed me by the keyboard and we produced a litter of couplets. Then someone (Katrin, was it you?) suggested unchecking the "With items owned by the following libraries" box, and it worked like a charm.

That left me with an obsolete poem.

I hate waste.

What to do? Well, I added a few more couplets below the "-----" as an appendix wherein I reveal the solution. The meter gets a bit twisty in places, but it really does scan. I won't attest to the accuracy of all the information presented.

I upload records by the score
Into Koha's reservoir

>From "Manage Records" dialog
Import into the catalog

Rebuild Zebra then I look
To see what's new, with bib as hook.

To find one is no chore at all
Search for bib number? What a doll

My Koha is! if only one
Bib record I want and I'm done

But now I want to see the batch
That with my Koha I did hatch

I want to see all that is new
But soon I'm mired deep in glue

Perhaps Reports will now display
The records that I've done today.

The Koha SQL collection
Might point me in the right direction.

Alas, I get an error message!
It doesn't work! There's no expressage!

Then from the menu Main I go
To menu Tools, because I know

That in the column Catalog
Export Data, like a dog

Has served me faithfully before
And helped me through the catalog's door.

Export records by the date
they're cataloged? No bytes, not great.

Export records by bib range?
Still no bytes, it's very strange.

If these don't work, what can I do
To see my MARC creations new?

Can I put them in a cart?
All bibs selected, part by part?

That seems to work; they are just fine
Complete with MARC tag 999.

But now I want to add a date
260$c--is it too late?

I add the line and recompile
Then upload the replacement file

Check dups on field 097
A field I added--plucked from heaven

Still I'd like to understand
What happens to my little band

Of records new that with my hand
>From Reference Manager so grand

I fashioned into format MARC
So they can shine out in the dark

To show the world what we have done
In MedStar's realm of medicine

Does anybody have some thoughts?
I'd sure appreciate them, lots.

For curiosity, you know,
Librarians do not forgo.


BUT WAIT! I think I found a way
To find additions for the day

Most likely other specs as well
But on this point I shall not dwell.

>From Export Data uncheck the box
For owning lib'ry, that unlocks

The filter that prevents me from
A happy, joyous MARC outcome.

And if you have more than one branch
"Clear all" allows the avalanche

Without a lot of extra clicking.
Make haste! I hear the clock is ticking.

And that, my friends, is my solution
That works well at my institution.

And I'm reminded every day
Where there's a Koha, there's a way.

Fred King, AHIP
Medical Librarian, MedStar Washington Hospital Center
fred.king at medstar.net<mailto:fred.king at medstar.net>
ORCID 0000-0001-5266-0279
MedStar Authors Catalog: http://medstarauthors.org

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