[Koha] Request to get listed on Koha support providers list

Lari Taskula lari.taskula at hypernova.fi
Sat Aug 31 11:39:02 NZST 2019

Dear Koha community,

Hypernova Oy would like to sign up to get listed on Koha support
providers list. We are offering Koha hosting, development and
consultation services.

Our team currently consists of Finnish Koha professionals whom worked
for public libraries in Finland and later founded a company for
providing Koha to (small) special libraries. We are now extending our
market to other countries. We support Koha community version and the
local Finnish Koha version.

    Company Name: Hypernova Oy
    Contact Person: Lari Taskula
    Contact email: info at hypernova.fi
    Website: https://www.hypernova.fi
    Telephone: +358449857337
    Address: Kauppakatu 25 C 409, 80100 Joensuu, Finland

Feel free to check out our site and find a link back to
koha-community.org ;)

Lari Taskula
CEO, Hypernova Oy
Kauppakatu 25 C 409
80100 Joensuu, Finland

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