[Koha] Filtering inventory results by cn_sort vs. callnumber

Nick Clemens nick at bywatersolutions.com
Thu Nov 15 01:12:14 NZDT 2018

Hello All!

I put together a bug a while back for switching the sorting on inventory
results filter from using 'callnumber' to the hidden/constructed column

i.e. When inventorying a section by callnumber you would enter the range
GT90 to GT100, Koha would then interpret this to (roughly) GT090 and GT100
as we do when constructing the cn_sort column.

'cn_sort' is the column we use to pad callnumbers with '0' and spaces to
ensure that a callnumber of GT90 is sorted before GT100 (if sorted as
normal strings 1 comes before 9)

During review if the bug there was concern that some callnumber schemes may
not work under this change, or some libraries might not have the cn_sort
columns correctly filled and that we should add a system preference to
control which column was used.

On bug 21629 (
https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21629) we made
sorting lists by callnumber use cn_sort by default.

I am just writing to see if any libraries out there have concerns about the
change, or if we think that always using cn_sort to filter the results
would work. We want to be consistent throughtout the code (ideally)

Let me know what thoughts you have and if you think we can simply assume
cn_sort is the definitive column for sorting and defining ranges.


Nick Clemens
Sonic Screwdriver (Development Support)
ByWater Solutions
IRC: kidclamp

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