[Koha] Adding new libraries (without re-inventing the wheel)

Kelly Drake kelly at flo.org
Tue Nov 13 08:06:31 NZDT 2018

Fellow Kohaers, (Kohers?)

The short request:

 Has anyone documented the steps necessary to add a new library into an
existing koha system?

The long request:

We currently have 7 libraries, with multiple branches, and will be adding 2
more this year, with many more to come in the following years.  I started
writing up the system settings that need to be added to or updated
(Libraries and Groups, Authorized lists, etc), when it occurred to me that
someone might have done this before and be willing to share.

Any help is appreciated!  Conversely - I'm happy to share whatever
documentation I put together.

Kelly Drake
HELM Project Manager

kelly at flo.org | Conference calls: https://zoom.us/j/9606207016

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