[Koha] Fw: Matric Number and Barcode not Showing on Library Card

olufunmilayo favour olufunmilayo_favour at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 3 05:55:38 NZDT 2018


 Hello All,
I configured my university's koha library card and it works perfectly for the undergraduate students whose matriculation numbers are in this format AAA/12345678 and varchar was selected for the type at PHPMyAdmin. However, using the same card layout, for the postgraduate students whose matriculation numbers are in the format BBB/pg/17/0000, the matriculation numbers (card numbers) and the barcode do not come out when the cards are printed. Card numbers are supposed to be printed printed as barcode.

Can someone tell me what the problem is and suggest how to go round it please?

I appreciate your kind assistance.

Olufunmilayo FatiSystems LibrarianFederal University of Agriculture Abeokuta

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