[Koha] 18.05.00 - do not upgrade if itemtype defined at biblio level

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Tue May 29 04:36:57 NZST 2018

Hi Hector

 > Hi Michael, I have this as biblio record, can I change it to "specific
 > item"?

I would assume so. If you're not sure what setting is correct for you, 
the manual may help:


 > Is there a procedure to do that?

Koha system preferences can directly be changed as a Koha user with 
superlibrarian rights. You'll find this preference in in Koha ,menu 
"Administration > Global system preferences > Cataloging > Record 

 > I don't remember changing this preference, is it the default?

The default in Koha 18.05 is "specific item".

Hope that helps.

Best wishes: Michael
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