[Koha] Numeric subfield in framework

Narcis Garcia informatica at actiu.net
Sat Mar 17 07:39:29 NZDT 2018

El 16/03/18 a les 18:35, Paul A ha escrit:
> On 2018-03-16 10:59 AM, Narcis Garcia wrote:
>> Thanks; I didn't see tag 300.a
> It's a standard bibliographic entry for cataloguing, used by all major
> libraries.
>> Applying replacement.
>> About JavaScript, let's see how can it be implemented consistently in
>> Koha.
>> I'm really surprised Koha seems not having implemented data types
>> (numeric, boolean, string, binary, date/time...).
> Koha *does* implement data types, where required by cataloguing rules
> and conventions (and by internal db constraints.) Tag 300$a is *not* an
> integer by any stretch of anybody's imagination.
> This list is here to help you. You might like to explain which version
> of Koha you are implementing, and which library you are working for.
> That would assist the Koha community in giving you the best possible
> advice.
> You give the impression (y disculpame si estoy en error) that you have
> done very little MARC cataloguing. I might suggest that you look at
> records from Library of Congress, the British Library, Library Archives
> Canada, etc. particularly via Z39.50, or through the web interface to
> WorldCat (OCLC).  Koha is very good at "compliance" -- but does allow
> flexibility for you to go off on a tangent and "reinvent the wheel" if
> you have "non-industry / non-professional / specialized / amateur"
> requirements.
> Amicalmente -- Paul

I've installed Koha 17.11 and I'm not implied in calaloguing but in
I'm trying to setup bibliographic software in a small library, with the
double hope: catalogue is viewable publicly from internet and other
libraries in the same association can join with their catalogs.

I've not found any other easier CMS (translated to spanish) with those 2
features I hope to deploy.
I feel koha seems so open and flexible that it needs x10 documentation
and examples than now (and current resources are really big and great!)

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