[Koha] In and Out Library Management System

Igbudu Tersoo murphyigbudu at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 23:24:36 NZDT 2018

Dear Mr Omkar,

                I must commend you for job well done. And to inform you
that your innovation will be of great assistant to us as we were already
thinking of an access control system for our library.  Using that from KOHA
will be more interesting. I wish to further request two things from you.

1.       Please assist us to do a video of the installation steps. We are
using KOHA 17.11 running on Ubuntu 16.04. I tried to install the library in
and out Management system  yesterday by using the “Installation using git
repository” . the steps seems correct but after inserting the address :
http://localhost/lib/login.php  on the browser to access the web interface,
it failed to come up. An error occurred saying address not found. Please I
believe this video will help us a lot to guide us through the installation.

2.       Secondly, I am working in a public university where students are
finding it difficult to pay tuition fee even though is less compared to
many other public schools.  The trend is threatening the existence of the
school. A new policy has come out that students who have not updated their
tuition fee should not be allowed to enjoy the key school facilities.
Library is one of the facilities mentioned. We are therefore requesting
that you help us create a condition on the IN interface, so that after
scanning the barcode it will also check the students tuition fee status,
and clear the ones that are up to date and reject those that are owning.

Many thanks to you as I await your kind respond.

Murphy Igbudu

Virtual Librarian

University Library and Information Services

Benue State University

Makurdi, Benue State



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