[Koha] Stage MARC for import - barcodes with zero padding before a number...

Duncan Entwisle dentwisle at w-h-s.org.uk
Fri Jun 22 01:30:27 NZST 2018


I've been dense: the barcode is in a different field, I was looking at the record number.

I hang my head in shame - I've been struggling with this for a while, and as soon as I ask for help I figure it out. D'oh!



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Hi Everyone,

I'm in the process of trying to migrate resources from another system with barcodes that are in the format 00235. (There's 19000 resources, so changing the barcodes would be problematic.)

When I stage them for import, Koha appears to treat it as a number, and strips off the preceding zeros.

I've used MarcEdit to generate the resultant mrc file for import, and have previewed it to confirm that it still has the zero in the 952$p field. So it's not being pre-stripped by MarcEdit.

Does anyone know how I might get around this?


P.S. I'm an ICT Technician, not a librarian, so the whole MARC thing has been a steep learning curve :-)
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