[Koha] Import the MARC21 with Item details

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Fri Jun 8 12:10:24 NZST 2018


 > Please find attached sample 10 records file
 > Let me know if any issue with the file.

No issue, the content of your file is syntactically correct und 
sufficiently complete (but you should however also use MARC 942 $c, as 
Indranil Das Gupta has pointed out).

I have downloaded your file "10records.mrc". I created a library with 
code BR1, I created a media type with code ITEM001, then uploaded and 
imported the records from your file into my Koha 18.05 demo 
installation, using the standard framework. All records were imported 
correctly, including the barcode.

Since it worked without problems in my demo installation I guess there 
has to be some configuration issue in your installation.

Did you control if there is any 952 $p in the framework that you're 
using when importuing your data?

 > I'm able to import but when I go to edit item details the barcode
 > field is blank. Without barcode I am not able to do circulation
 > system.

Or is there maybe a misunderstanding? If you're clicking on "Edit item" 
you will see

a) the existing items in a table at the very top - basically just one 
long line, with the barcode filled

b) the section "Add item" - well, to add a new item. This section has 
many empty fields, of course the "barcode" field is empty too, because 
in a new item you would first have to fill it.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes: Michael
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