[Koha] Koha - notices and slips: how to include total amount outstanding on a notice

Walker-Headon, Niamh - Systems Librarian Niamh.Walker-Headon at it-tallaght.ie
Wed Jun 6 22:41:16 NZST 2018

Dear Fellow Koha Users,
I was wondering if anyone has managed to figure out how to include the total amount outstanding in a notice.
In our case we do not charge fines, but once an item is subjected to the 'longoverdue.pl' process the replacement cost of the item is added to the patrons' accounts. We want to include the total amount in the notice re same, in addition to the replacement cost,[which we have in the notice] but can't seem to find the right table/column to include.

I hope that makes sense.

Any advice would be very welcome!

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