[Koha] Error when searching using Zebra index 'arp'

Barton Chittenden barton at bywatersolutions.com
Tue Jun 5 03:27:20 NZST 2018

I'm trying to trouble-shoot an error with the 'arp' index (accelerated
reading point -- indexed at 526$d).

I'm searching for


In the staff client and opac and getting no results.

I added 'request' to zebra_loglevels in $KOHA_CONF and found the following

09:30:50-04/06 zebrasrv(98) [request] Search biblios ERROR 114 1 1+0 RPN
@attrset Bib-1 @attr 1=9013 @attr 2=3 14

A google search for 'zebra ERROR 114' lead me to


Which fixed the error by switching from GRS to DOM ... I didn't think that
was the problem, but I checked anyway, $KOHA_CONF *does* show


Says "I am told by those in the know that the ERROR 114 refers to an
unknown / unmapped
MARC field."

Here's how it's indexed in biblio-koha-indexdefs.xml:

  <!--record.abs line 155: melm 526$d      arp,arp:n-->
  <index_subfields tag="526" subfields="d">

in biblio-zebra-indexdefs.xsl:

    <xslo:for-each select="marc:subfield">
      <xslo:if test="contains('d', @code)">
        <z:index name="arp:w arp:n">
          <xslo:value-of select="."/>

According to indexdata's git site:

"error 114 - unsupported use attribute."


Looking in ccl.properties and bib1.att, I see that we have two indexes
using attribute 9013; I'm not sure if that's the problem or not...

grep 9013 /etc/koha/zebradb/ccl.properties
not-onloan-count 1=9013 4=109
arp 1=9013 r=r

grep 9013 /etc/koha/zebradb/biblios/etc/bib1.att
att 9013    not-onloan-count
att 9013    arp

Any suggestions welcome!



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