[Koha] Apostrophes in search terms

Arturo Longoria Arturo.Longoria at sll.texas.gov
Fri Jun 1 09:30:29 NZST 2018

Hello all,

Our library is having issues with items in our collection that include apostrophes in the title – for example, O'Connor's Texas Causes of Action. Basically, if a user does not include the apostrophes, Koha does not return the record. I found this bug filed in 2010 that still has no resolution describing similar issues with apostrophes and other punctuation marks when using Zebra, which we are: https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5534

What are other libraries doing to get around this usability issue? We can't expect our users to always include apostrophes, and so the only solution we've come up with is adding additional titles (MARC 246$a) that don't use apostrophes, but we have thousands of records, so adding these manually is not feasible.

I'm curious to hear what other libraries are doing to get around this issue. Any input would be appreciated!

Arturo Longoria
Reference Librarian/Web Manager
Texas State Law Library

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