[Koha] Fwd: Koha indexing error after importing data

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Tue Jul 10 03:35:00 NZST 2018

Hi Suresh

You wrote you executed the following commands:

 > sudo su
 > sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -b -f -v library

Like this, if you execute "sudo su then you ARE Linux user "root" and 
you are executing the following command "sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -b -f 
-v library" as Linux user "root" with root permissions. This will lead 
to incorrect permissions of the files in the following directories (they 
will probably all belong to "root"):

$ INSTANCE="NameOfYourKohaInstance"
$ ls -al /var/lib/koha/$INSTANCE/authorities/*
$ ls -al /var/lib/koha/$INSTANCE/biblios/*
$ ls -al /var/lock/koha/$INSTANCE/rebuild

Wrong permissions will have to be corrected.

As far as I know you should execute the following command as an 
unprivileged Linux user (e. g. "koha"):

$ sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -b -f -v library

I'm not sure if this helps but you might control the actual permissions 
of the files in the above mentioned directories.

Best wishes: Michael
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