[Koha] ailed to load external entity "/etc/koha/sites/-/koha-conf.xml

takan bhatt takan.bhatt at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 07:22:42 NZDT 2018


While executing
Create a Koha instance

Only do this if you are running MySQL locally.

Replace *libraryname* with the name of your library:

 $ sudo koha-create --create-db libraryname

I am getting msg that /etc/../koha-conf.xml not found. I search code for
this file and created using leafpad editor. But I falied.

Now, I am requesting that from beginning which command line I should follow
and in which order. I am using debian under VB (host is windows 7).

Bcoz so many blogs and videos are confusing. From one to another, steps are
different. As a beginner I am confused.

So, Now, first I want to remove what have been installed. I installed
koha-common and mariadb both.

On 08-Feb-2018 11:15 PM, "Paul Hoffman" <paul at flo.org> wrote:

On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 04:43:30AM -0500, takan bhatt wrote:
> after installation over I am getting this msg
> ailed to load external entity "/etc/koha/sites/-/koha-conf.xml

It sounds like you accidentally gave your Koha instance the name "-".
Can you please tell us which instructions you were using?

Also, what is the output of the following command?

ls -l /etc/koha/sites


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