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Johan Seyfferdt johan at spbcu.ru
Thu Feb 8 06:56:56 NZDT 2018

Hi. Have you fixed your problem yet? I had a similar situation a few weeks
ago and I am willing to help if you still need it.


On Feb 5, 2018 14:37, "Ashok Francis" <ashokfrancis.tgs at gmail.com> wrote:

Dear All,

I am using Koha 17.11.02 version. When I visit the page About Koha ---
system information---, I am getting the information like data problem. Can
anyone please help me how to solve this problem?

Data problems

Some of your tables have problems with their auto_increment values which
may lead to data loss.

*You should not ignore this warning.*

The problem is that InnoDB does not keep auto_increment across SQL server
restarts (it is only set in memory). So on server startup, the
auto_increment values are set to max(table.id)+1.

To know how to avoid this problem see the related wiki page: DBMS auto
increment fix <https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/DBMS_auto_increment_fix>
Problems foundPatrons

The following ids exist in both tables *borrowers* and *deletedborrowers*:


The following ids exist in both tables *items* and *deleteditems*:

15979, 15980, 20761, 21245

The following ids exist in both tables *holds* and *old_reserves*:

2, 3, 1

I will be thankful to you.

New Delhi.
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