[Koha] LDAP Setting on 17.05

Hughes Dimka hdimka at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 06:34:36 NZDT 2018

Hello All,

I really need help, i have been trying to get koha ldap to work on a
netword in which i have windows Ad and the linux on a virtual box.

Below is my settings for ldap.

 <useldapserver>1</useldapserver><!-- see C4::Auth_with_ldap for extra
configs you must add if you want to turn this on -->
 <ldapserver id= "ldapserver" listenref="ldapserver">
<replicate>1</replicate> <!-- add new users from LDAP to Koha database -->
<update>1</update> <!-- update existing users in Koha database -->
<principal_name>%s at LAGJURDCS01.NGFLF.ALUKO-OYEBODE.COM</principal_name>
<mapping> <!-- match koha SQL field names to your LDAP record field names
<firstname is="givenName" ></firstname>
<surname is="sn" ></surname>
<userid is="sAMAccountName"></userid>
<password is=""></password>
    <address is="" > Aluko & Oyebode </address>
    <city is="" >Ikoyi</city>
    <zipcode is=""> 920011 </zipcode>
    <branchecode is="" > 001 </branchecode>
    <email is="mail"></email>
<brancecode is ="branchcode">001</branch>
<categorycode is ="categorycode">BS</categorycode>
    <phone is ="telephonenumber"></phone>
    <sort1 is ="company"></sort1>
    <sort2 is ="department"></sort2>

To be honest, i have been on this issues of authentication using LDAP and i
have reached a point that i really need help. Do i have to configure
openldap client on the ubuntu server???

Hughes Dimka
Hopewell Solutions Services Nigeria Ltd
No.15 Adekunle Kuye Street, Off Agbonyin Street, Off Adelabu Street,
Surulere,Lagos State
tel: +2348066951910
email: hdimka at gmail.com

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