[Koha] Public library with student accounts

Chad Roseburg croseburg at ncrl.org
Wed Aug 29 12:48:38 NZST 2018

Are there any public libraries working with schools to create accounts for
use with various digital services, checkout ...etc.?

Just wondering what your process is and what rights the accounts have.
Currently, we upload the accounts without checkout privileges so they can
just be purged each summer and updated without having to worry about fines
and whatnot. The primary use, from my understanding, is for classes needing
access to research databases and possibly Overdrive. The reasoning is that
they can definitely still get regular accounts and checkout physical items
--- vast majority already have regular accounts but can't remember
their login creds. However, two public schools have indicated that they
would like the accounts to have checkout privileges baked into the
auto-generated accounts.

Not sure how to maintain the patron database and foresee problems.

   - Koha can't identify duplicate accounts. Not a limitation of Koha, just
   that there aren't enough match points to reliably de-dupe accounts. And
   even if you could ...
   - Student could get enough overdues to restrict access to databases
   making class participation difficult.
   - Duplicate accounts with fines.
   - ???

Anyone got this figured out? Am I overthinking this?

Thank you!

Chad Roseburg
Assoc. Director / IT
Automation Dept.
North Central Regional Library

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