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Hi Rubén!

In the manual, there is a kind of mapping section for searches that 
gives you the indexes for each marc field: 

If you want to know what index is used for each search limit, you can 
make a search in Koha and look in the breadcrumbs for "Search for 
'...'". This will give you the index used for the search. For example, 
if I search with Danish in the language limit, it returns 'ln,rtrn:dan'. 
According to the manual, the 'ln' index is mapped to 008, position 
35-37, and 041.

I hope this helps.

Maybe it could be more explicit in the manual. I will look into that!


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Le 2018-08-12 à 15:52, Rubén Fernández Asensio a écrit :
> Hello all,
> I'm trying to plan the cataloguing requirements for our Esperanto 
> library, and since we don't have to follow any other library's 
> standards, we don't want to type more that strictly needed. My goal is 
> cataloguing according to the information our own users will be able to 
> retrieve from the Koha OPAC, no more, no less.
> However, the mapping of MARC21 fields to Advanced Search Options seems 
> to be undocumented.
> For example, what field is used to search by language or publisher 
> location? Why the "Content" option doesn't match character 33 of field 
> 008? In the search field, what's the exact meaning of "Subject and 
> broader terms", "Subject and narrower terms", "Subject and related 
> terms", and "Curriculum"? Where are you supposed to input that when 
> cataloguing?
> Sorry if my questions are naive, I'm just an amateur sysad and amateur 
> librarian working in my spare time for a nonprofit.
> Rubén Fernández
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