[Koha] Request for adding to List of Support Companies

Mohamed Fekry Negm m.negm at live.com
Sat Apr 7 01:52:57 NZST 2018


Acutely I didn't receive any email asking for list requirements, we have many clients using Koha and Dspace, see the below examples, I followed the instructions on the website, our products in ALZAD concentrate on Open source software, also we are working on developing new module on Koha, so what the requirements for adding to the list if it still exists





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Hi Mohamed,

I do not think cross-posting to several lists is the best way to get an answer (well apparently yes...)

Maybe you did not get a positive answer because you do not meet the few requirements, like "link to the Koha website"?
What is your "KohaAcademic Open Sources Solutions by ALZAD" product?
It sounds very confusing to me. Did you customize a version of Koha? Are the sources available?

Answering there questions may help you to get a positive answer (if this list is still maintain).


On Fri, 6 Apr 2018 at 09:33 Mohamed Fekry Negm <m.negm at live.com<mailto:m.negm at live.com>> wrote:

Dear Koha Community,

Kindly find below ALZAD profile for adding ALZAD company to your community support for Koha, please  contact me if you need any further information.

Company Name:  ALZAD for Digital Archiving

Contact Person: Dr. Mohamed Negm - Ms. Rasha Barakat

Contact email: m.negm at alzad.ze / info at alzad.ae<mailto:info at alzad.ae>

Website: http://alzad.ae/

Telephone: +971551224802<tel:+971%2055%20122%204802> - +971551224832<tel:+971%2055%20122%204832>

County:  United Arab Emirates
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