[Koha] New install restore old database cannot find any records in collection

Jack Boulier jwboulier at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 2 17:25:16 NZST 2018

I have a new install of Koha 17.11.04, web install, running on ubuntu 16.04. I have run all the updates and upgrades. Completed the configuration from the web setup. Established koha_library in the Mariadb and restored the dump back to the koha_library. I performed the migration for the conversion of the old database to the new database. Everything seemed to work correctly. However, when doing a search of the catalog, no matching records are found. I believe that the right permissions have been granted to the database. But maybe not. Any help will be appreciated.
When running koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f library, it shows that there are over 1500 records.
I am at a loss to proceed. Nothing that I have attempted to research has given me any more clues that would help me resolve my situation.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks,Jack Boulier

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