[Koha] Problem with opac address

lukasz.mesek at alingsas.se lukasz.mesek at alingsas.se
Wed Nov 8 02:10:05 NZDT 2017


We've started to show new books at our OPAC site and at some point after refreshing our main site stopped to show the changes.

When we ask our IT, he reindexed our site and then all the changes were shown.

When we change something again at https://kohaopac.alingsas.se/ without reindexing there is no effect.

But when we click on Koha logo in the upper left corner of the screen, which has this address https://kohaopac.alingsas.se/cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl all the changes are updated and shows immediately.

It seems as we need reindexing every time we change something at our OPAC site, to have main address https://kohaopac.alingsas.se/ to work.

Should we ask our IT to set reindexing for every night or is there any other sollution to this problem?

Best regards
Lukasz Mesek
Alingsås bibliotek
lukasz.mesek at alingsas.se

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