[Koha] Unable to find newly added books by barcode

Tim Young Tim.Young at LightSys.org
Thu Jul 6 09:12:18 NZST 2017

Ok.  I think I got this one licked.  Thanks Barton for all the other tests.

The issue was that I had two different koha sites.  The auto-generated 
one was slightly different than my old pre-packaged version.  To fix it, 
all I ended up needing to do was to disable my old koha apache site:

a2dissite koha

And, I needed to edit the apache site info slightly to match the DNS 
that we are using, and then I restarted apache and it seems to be 
working fine.

This was an issue because I switched from the tarball version of Koha to 
the package version of Koha and apparently did not disable the original 
koha apache site.  (the instructions do tell you to do that!)

So, the symptoms were that, newly entered items were not showing up, but 
old items were.  This seems to have been because we had multiple zebra 
databases in the mix, and a reindex was updating the new database (which 
my website was not accessing).  What made it odd was that browsing the 
data (which uses the mysql database) returned all the records.  But 
searching (which used the zebra database) did not find the data.

The main difference in the two Apache files was that they pointed to two 
different koha-conf.xml config files.

Because I had not rebooted the system, my old zebra database was happily 
running.  The koha-start-zebra and koha-stop-zebra commands were not 
touching the old-style zebra server.  So I was starting and stopping a 
database that was not being used by my koha instance.  The zebra 
database that was connected to the web was running pretty much 
stand-alone.  Nothing was passing new data to it, and none of the 
scripts would start / stop it.

Thanks again.  All done (for this thread.  I am sure there will be other 
issues cropping up)

     - Tim

On 7/5/2017 3:20 PM, Tim Young wrote:
> Thanks for the great ideas.
> The various things I was trying let me see one potential issue. It 
> seems that I have not entirely separated myself from the 
> /etc/koha-conf.xml
> If I test my zebra server with:
> /usr/bin/zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/*sites/opac*/koha-conf.xml -u koha -S
> I get a message telling me that it is already running.  No problem 
> there.  But my webpage is not finding anything at all.
> But, I ran the above with the old koha-conf.xml
> And it runs, and then my site sees some of the data.
> It appears to me that I have an odd combo of stuff.  My main site may 
> be getting the data from the old /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml 
> configuration, and the indexing is being pushed to a different zebra 
> database with the /etc/koha/sites/opac/koha-conf.xml config file.
> How does that file get forced on the site?  Is it configured in the 
> html area?
>     - Tim
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