[Koha] Unable to find newly added books by barcode

Tim Young Tim.Young at LightSys.org
Sat Jul 1 09:15:41 NZST 2017

We recently upgraded from 3.x to 17.x.
All our old books can be searched for, and found by barcode.  But newly 
added books cannot be found by barcode.

Even if I do an advanced search and select barcode, I cannot find the 
new records.  Searching for an old record, for books entered before our 
upgrade, we can find them by barcode.

But, if I am logged in as a librarian, and do an advanced search by 
author,  I can pull up the book.  Clicking on the book shows me my 
holdings, and the correct book along with its barcode is listed.  I can 
click on that particular barcode and see the item.

I am hoping that this is just a difference in how things are done from 
the old to the new, and by checking on the right option we can search by 

     - Tim Young

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