[Koha] Violation of copyright/Plagiarism by Koha Vendor

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Thu Feb 9 11:00:57 NZDT 2017

Vinod, in addition to Chris' suggestion, if you have claimed copyright 
over material on your website then you could send them a Take Down 
notice.  If they don't take it down, you could approach their ISP.
I hope you can resolve it amicably with them.

On 09/02/17 06:16, Chris Cormack wrote:
> Hi Vinod
> This is very bad behaviour, they should definitely not have done that.
> One suggestion I have for you, is you license your content. I would
> suggest CC-BY-SA  4.0 (Creative commons Attribution, Share Alike license
> version 4.0)
> While this will not stop the bad behaviour of people like below, it will
> allow others to know they can use your content provided they follow your
> license.
> As it stands, it is just copyright, which means no one can legally use
> it in anyway.
> Once again, this is very bad behaviour and I would encourage them to
> remove the content immediately.
> Chris
> On 09/02/17 06:12, vinod mishra wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I am maintaining my blog/website at http://mishravk.com/ for free flow of
>> knowledge and sharing of information which i have without any restriction
>> and charge. Today i came across a commercial service provider of Koha at
>> http://bestbookbuddies.com/faq who copied my original tutorial on " Data
>> Conversion (Book and Journals) from Libsys to Excel/Marc
>> <http://mishravk.com/2014/11/data-conversion-book-and-journals-from-libsys-to-excelmarc/>"
>> from http://mishravk.com/2014/11/data-conversion-book-and-
>> journals-from-libsys-to-excelmarc/ . In the current instance they have
>> copied the content and screen shots and converted into PDF with
>> watermarking, most surprising is they have not yet mentioned the original
>> source.
>> Therefore all library fraternity is requested to check whether the service
>> provider is selling there own product/brain or its others which is already
>> available free of cost some where and provided by voluntary basis by
>> library professionals itself.
>> Please note : I did not allow anyone to use my website materials available
>> at http://mishravk.com/ for any kind of commercial benefits
>> directly/indirectly without my prior permission and attributions.
>> Location of content link : http://bestbookbuddies.com/faq
>> Location of copied PDF : https://web.archive.org/web/*/
>> http://bestbookbuddies.com/faq/export-data-from-libsys-bbb
>> With Regards,
>> Vinod Kumar Mishra,
>> Assistant Librarian,
>> Biju Patnaik Central Library (BPCL),
>> NIT Rourkela,
>> Sundergadh-769008,
>> Odisha,
>> India.
>> Mob:91+9439420860
>> Website: http://mishravk.com/
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>> relationship divorced from spiritual is body without soul" -- Mahatma
>> Gandhi*
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