[Koha] Multiple OPAC interfaces

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Wed Feb 8 07:44:07 NZDT 2017

Hi Chris and Jonathan

> This won't work with Plack, because the environment variables set in
> Apache are not passed through to Plack.
> This still works fine without Plack as the env variables are set for the
> scripts running under the apache user.

Thanks for the clarification! I stopped and disabled Plack - and yes, 
immediately the variable worked as expected which is great!

> Someone needs to work on a way to pass the variables to plack.
> Environment ones won't work, because plack is persistent, they will need
> to be set in config or something.
> If you want to discuss ideas for doing this, we could move it to the
> koha-devel list.

In my particular case Plack is not absolutely necessary because the 
database is quite small. The problem seems already solved, as Jonathan 
just wrote:

 > For Plack you can have a look at bug 16520, it is in 16.11.

Still, in my case the situation actually occurred on an installation of 
Koha 16.11.0 - but as said the variables work like a charm when Plack is 

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