[Koha] Need help in correcting migrated database

Katrin katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Tue Feb 7 07:19:43 NZDT 2017

Hi Tanzeem,

to migrate or correct bibliographic data into Koha you have to use MARC 
records - only changing the columns in the table biblio, biblioitems and 
items tables will not give you correct results. Koha stores the complete 
MARCXML record in biblioitems.marcxml so using the export and import 
tools (bulkmarcimport.pl oder staged marc import tools) is the best way 
to migrate and change data.

Changes to the items table can be done with SQL, but you need to reindex 
the changed records after.

Hope this helps,


On 26.01.2017 06:40, Tanzeem M.B wrote:
> In my migrated koha system I have got to do many corrections and additions.
> Some fields got values wrongly and some of the fields got no values. But
> the source spreadsheet database has got correct values.
> I was thinking about a method by exporting the biblio, items and
> biblioitems tables to excel, make corrections/ additions to these excel
> files, truncate the biblio table which will make a cascaded truncation;
> import the excel files to the corresponding tables.
> If I import , in which order of tables should I import to.
> Run zebra-rebuild again.
> Will this method work?
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