[Koha] Email Notices gone crazy

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Mon Feb 6 11:40:17 NZDT 2017

Jane this sounds quite strange.  Usually though behaviour only changes 
in response to a change in the system.  When did you upgrade? Has 
anything else changed, such as circulation rules, alert preferences or 
overdue notice triggers?  Check the circ rules to make sure you don't 
have a Hard Due Date set.

I suggest you recover some errant notices from the borrowers and study 
them.  Does the information in the notices match that in your Koha 
system?  Try to trace the source of any difference.  If you still think 
there is an error, report it here, but please be specific.

Best wishes,
Bob Birchall

On 04/02/17 05:00, Jane Chang wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently using 16.05.07, and previously using 3.18.  I think ever
> since the new years, the automatic email notices has gone a little crazy.
> Users have claimed they've returned books, but still receive Due and
> Overdue notices.  Or they receive Due notices way before the actual due
> date.  Don't really know what went wrong, but would like to get some help
> on this.
> Thanks!
> Jane Chang
> Christian Witness Theological Seminary
> 1975 Concourse Dr.
> San Jose, CA 95131
> (408)433-2280 x109
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